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Detailed Service Descriptions:

Professional Staging and Staging Consultation Services:

Our set rate for staging consultation services is $275-

* a consultation is required for this service~

Personal Shopping Services:

Our hourly rate is $50- per hour for personal shopping.

Let JAC Designs & Staging do your decor shopping for you. Not only do we get decorator discounts to pass along to you, we can save you the hassle, and time spent hunting all over town for that perfect accessory. 


Decorating Consultation Services:

 JAC Designs & Staging Professional Consultation Services include a meeting with the client to get an exact idea of what vision our client has in mind for their space. We will bring along several paint wheels to aide in color selection.  While we are at your home or place of business, we will take tons of photos from every possible view to enable us to create your furniture placement plan and detailed room-by-room custom presentation.  We assist our clients with anything related to decorating, remodeling, re-design, personalized furniture and unique gifting.  JAC Designs & Staging will customize our services to meet your specific needs. We offer our vast array of services to homeowners, as well as commercial property owners, realtors, and general contractors.

General Decorating Consultation:

The general decorating consultation rate is $200-

As in all of our consultation services, first we will speak with you via phone or E-mail whichever is most convenient for you.  We will then e-mail you a little questionnaire about your project to help us get an idea of what color wheels we might need to bring to your consultation. JAC Designs & Staging will take the information you have provided us with and set an appointment for your consultation. When we visit you at your home, we will do a walk through to get an idea of your decorating style.  Next, we will sit down with you to get a more detailed idea of exactly what it is you would like to accomplish for this project. We like to take several photos of your project area, just in case you decide to have a customized decorating plan made~ *Which is most helpful in showing you exactly what this project will look like when finished.  We will bring along several color wheels to aide in selecting your perfect color, and any samples of what we have discussed via phone or E-mail.  After selecting colors/fabrics, we will address any questions or concerns as well as give you any decorating advice you need.  The general consultation is primarily used to help in choosing color palettes, space optimization, and general decorating advice.  

Custom Decorating Consultation:

Custom Decorating Consultation rate is $350-

The process takes about 3 days to complete. It is a great bit of information to have, and well worth the cost. This presentation will have everything down to the last detail to give you an exact idea of what your project will look like when completed. Included in your custom presentation will be a detailed price quote so you will know exactly what the projected cost will be.  JAC Designs & Staging will provide before and after photos of your project.  We will present your project digitally enhanced with your color choices, furniture placement, accessories to give you an overall view of your project upon completion.  This type of presentation allows us to adjust our decorating plan until you are absolutely in love with this project. This presentation also allows us to be able to show the project with several different options. If you choose JAC Designs & Staging for this project, we will set a time to make the magic happen! 

Cabinet facelift:

(all projects are quoted per job)

JAC Designs can repaint or add a decorative faux finish to your existing cabinetry. If you are tired of your outdated cabinets, let us give them a facelift. JAC Designs can give your old cabinets a brand new life. Refinishing your existing cabinets with a custom faux finish, solid color paint, or a beautiful wood finish is a very cost effective way to update perfectly good outdated cabinets. The possibilities are endless, and it is much less expensive to update existing cabinetry than to replace it with new. Not to mention, this is a very ?Green? way to remodel. Weather you have wood cabinets or laminate JAC Designs can give them a beautiful finished updated look.    


Furniture Re-Vamp:

(all specialized services are quoted per piece~)

Let JAC Designs & Staging take your existing furniture and give it new life. Weather it is an existing piece you already have or a special piece you would like us to find. We can add a beautiful Faux Finish, Decorative paint, or solid color to any piece, to give you a one-of-a-kind designer piece in your color palette. We can change the look of any piece to enhance your existing décor. We also specialize in fun & funky children?s furniture!

Color Selection:

 Our rate for this service is $100-

Color selection is the most important part of the decorating process. It is what creates the mood for the home. The color selection process usually happens during the consultation process. Some clients just need a little guidance when choosing a color for their project. We are here to help with paint swatches of every imaginable color. We help you choose the best paint to use for the project at hand.

Custom Floral Arrangements:

All custom floral arrangements are quoted per arrangement~

JAC Designs offers custom floral arrangements. We provide beautiful unique floral arrangements for churches, offices, lobbies, as well as arrangements your private residence. If you need an arrangement for an art niche, or a beautiful centerpiece for a kitchen nook, or dining room we will provide you with a one-of-a-kind arrangement you will love. We also make holiday or special occasion wreaths and centerpieces. This service makes a fabulous for gift, or treating yourself to a gorgeous new arrangement for your home or business! Floral arrangements complement any décor, and make it so much more inviting.

Holiday & Seasonal Decorating:

All seasonal and holiday decorating is quoted per job~

JAC Designs offers you our Holiday and Seasonal Decorating services. These are great for your Thanksgiving holiday centerpiece or Halloween party, and any celebration you choose. Our Holiday services are offered to our clients who don't have the time to decorate for the holidays. Let JAC Designs & Staging take care of it for you. We can use your existing ornaments and holiday accessories, if you would like to add some new to your old, we can do that too. Let JAC Designs & Staging set the stage for your next holiday season.

*All holiday and seasonal decorating jobs are by appointment only.

So remember to book yours early as we do book up fast!  

Faux Finishing & Decorative Painting:

All faux finishing & decorative painting projects are quoted per job~

JAC Designs is un-matched in Faux Finishes and Decorative painting. There are so many choices to consider when choosing a faux finish. The sky is the limit! Paint is an incredible tool! With color and texture, you can transform anything from walls, concrete, patios, to furniture into a work of art. Our Faux Finishes and Decorative painting services priced by the job or the furniture piece. JAC Designs & Staging owner Lawana Chaffin-Marzolf has been a Faux Finish and Decorative painting artist for over 16 years, and is JAC Designs & Staging?s one and only artist. Experience is imperative in creating a beautiful quality faux or decorative finish. We make it our top priority to stay informed of the latest finishes available, and to provide our clients with the highest quality work out there. Therefore, if you can imagine it, JAC Designs & Staging will bring it to life!


Home or Office Re-design Services:

All projects quoted per job~

Re-design simply put is working with what you already have, and just revamping it a bit to accentuate your homes best features. This process consists of re-designing a space using your existing space and layout, requiring little to no construction. We take your existing space, make it more useable, and bring it up to date. Maybe you have seen a room in a magazine or on a decorating show that you love, but have no idea where to begin to bring your vision into reality. JAC can help you to customize your dream space! We will help bring new life into your outdated or less than desirable space, and give you the design you are looking for. While always keeping our client's budget in mind. Re-design is an affordable service, and you would be surprised at what a little paint and a lot of creativity can do for a room!

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for that special someone? How about our Room Re-Vamp Service or our new Welcome Home Service. Any of our many services make great gifts.  Give us a call or e-mail us today to get a price quote and book your life-changing gift of beauty! JAC will make a personalized hand-painted gift certificate keepsake on canvas for you, beautifully wrapped, and mail it to the lucky recipient. This is truly a fabulous gift to give!  You have seen it done on TV, so why not surprise someone deserving of such a wonderful gift.

Room Re-Vamp Service:

*a consultation is required for this service

JAC Designs & Staging will gather some general information via phone or e-mail to get an idea of your decorating style. We will then meet for a consultation, and then it is on!

This is a fantastic service! Just like you see on TV JAC Designs & Staging will come in makeover the entire room or rooms for you, and all you have to do is come home and enjoy!

The set rate for one room Re-Vamp service is $550-

Two room open space room re-Vamp: (ex: family/kitchen) rate is $625-

Two rooms Re-Vamped set rate is $725-

 *Over two rooms~ we will quote you a price.


 Welcome Home Service:

* a consultation is required for this service

A price will be quoted based on clients specifications~

 JAC Designs & Staging will speak with you via phone or E-mail. We will send you our decor questionnaire to have an overall idea of your style, and color preferences. JAC will set an appointment for a consultation with you for a more detailed idea of what your decorating vision is. If you are moving from out of state, we can do a phone consultation and correspond via E-mail and photos.  If you are unable to provide us photos of your new home, we will be happy to arrange to go over and make photos of your new home for you. This service is provided for anyone who just wants to come into his or her new home sit down, relax and enjoy the view.  JAC Designs & Staging will do all of the decorating work for you from the towels in the bath, right down to the linens on the bed.

Visual Merchandising Service:

Visual Merchandising Service is an hourly rate of $100-

We will quote a set rate for our one time visual overhaul, as well as our monthly, quarterly, and seasonal clients.

JAC Designs & Staging offers our Visual Merchandising Service to all retail clients, because we know visual merchandising sells products. We have years of experience working with local business owners as well as corporate retail giants.  Let JAC Designs & Staging make your business pop!  We do everything visually possible, to enhance your store's products, and overall appearance. Oh, and we do windows too!!

Adding visual interest to your business means more money in your pocket! It is a proven and effective marketing tool with much lower costs than traditional advertising, and a much bigger consumer effect.  Nothing compares to having a store-front window that people drive by to see what is coming next!

JAC Designs & Staging can also come in for a one time visual overhaul of your business.

*We also will be happy to work out a seasonal, monthly, or a quarterly schedule for the convenience of our retail clients.


 Give us a call today at 813.417.4215, to inquire about our many services.