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Our Services include:

~Complete Home Staging Service

~Decorating Consultation 

~Cabinet Refinishing 

~Revamp of existing furnishings and accessories

~Color Selection 

~Complete Decorating Services for both Commercial and Residential 

~Custom Floral Arrangements 

~Holiday and Seasonal Decorating 

~Interior Painting and Faux Finishing 

~Home Re-Design 


Our Rates & Services:

While JAC Designs has set rates for Consultations and most decorating projects, some of our services require us to charge an hourly rate. Below you will find a brief description of our set rates, along with an example of when our hourly rates will apply.

~Consultation for Decorating: set rate of $175-         

~Consultation for Decorating with a full presentation: set rate of $325-

* This includes fabric samples paint color selections and a complete breakdown of what your projected cost will be for your design project.


~Consultation for Staging: set rate of $275-


~Consultation for Staging with a detailed written Action Plan:  set rate of $375-

*A detailed description of our action plan is located below in our services section.

~Our hourly rate:  $100-

* The hourly rate applies for our visual merchandising clients, and when helping a property owner or realtor tweak a property for an open house and services like our party/event decorating services. These are examples of how our hourly rates apply.

~Seasonal Decorating:  A rate will be determined according to the client’s needs. 

~Holiday Decorating:  A rate will be determined according to our clients needs.

~JAC has a set rate for Christmas Tree Decorating the set rate for this service is $350- per tree.

*(With a 4-hour maximum, if you need us longer our hourly rate will apply.)

* This is using your existing décor if you require us to purchase new ornaments our special $50- hourly rate for personal shopping will apply for the shopping time.


*JAC Designs works by appointment only, so give us a call to set your appointment today! Spots for our beautiful one-of-a-kind trees fill up as early as September.  So hurry up and save your date! 

Call: ( 813) 417-4215 for your reservation.

We thank you for considering us for your decorating and staging needs.