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All about JAC Designs & Staging:

As a Mississippi State college student working part time for a national paint company, I began by mixing paint, and moved  on to  decorating  after the former decorator went to lunch and never came back. I knew instantly this was my niche! I loved every aspect of decorating, helping people pick out their paint, wallpaper, and flooring. I loved mixing the paint, because one had to know how to mix the colors my hand back then. There were no computers to match paint. If someone ran out of their custom mixed paint color, and had no idea what the color was, then I had to match it by hand. I seemed to have an eye for color, and it took off from there. I have always been an artistic person, and now I had found a way to express it. In the early 90?s, I studied under a great faux finish and mural artist from Los Angeles, CA. I learned the art of faux finishing long before it became so popular.

 In 1994, I started JAC Designs & Staging. The acronym JAC of JAC Designs & Staging is my beloved grandmother?s initials.  Her name was Jewell Alice Chaffin. The Willow Tree logo created is in memory of my beloved grandfather, Willard P. Chaffin.  He was the greatest businessperson I have even known. The willow tree insignia is there, because when I was a little girl I could not pronounce my grandfathers name ?Willard? so I called him "Willow". The name seemed to stick; I along with everyone who knew him called him ?Willow? for the rest of his life. It was very important for me to use both of their names in my business because, these two people made me who I am today.  They instilled in me that no matter how many times you have been taken advantage of- helping someone less fortunate, or in need is -still the right thing to do. My grandfather always told me that one would always be successful in business as long as you never ask someone else to do something for you that you are not willing to do yourself. 

When I started this company over 16 years ago, I had the same vision for it as I do now. I wanted to keep my business small, and provide personal attention to each client.  I vowed JAC would never be a pretentious company.  I would provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for my clients.   No matter the size of a client?s project or budget, they would have my undivided attention, and receive top quality work.

I work with each individual client of JAC Designs & Staging personally, so my clients never feel as though they are passed onto someone else. My idea is when you hire a decorator you should get a decorator, not a decorator?s assistant. I approach decorating as a ?guide? to helping my clients reach their vision for home, not mine. I vowed to keep my costs low, and give my clients more than they pay for, without compromising quality and I stand by that motto today.

I try to be as green as possible in my design; because reusing existing items is not only green it is very cost effective. I refer to this as revamping!

I love my job it is my true passion. I believe this passion shows in all of my work. It is a very rewarding experience to make a difference in someone?s life by making a house into the dream home envisioned.  I take great pride in being the best at what I do. I work very hard for all of my clients, and constantly research to stay abreast of the latest colors, trends, faux finishes, and green options.

 ~I hope you will consider JAC Designs & Staging for all of your Decorating and Staging needs.